Department of Adaptive Machine Systems
Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University
(From April 1997 To March 2020)

The department of Adaptive Machine Systems fosters human resources who create new engineering by exploring future terminologies based on the existing ones related to design/production/manufacturing/control of functional materials, manufacturing process, and intelligent machines (robots). Engineering has been developing iterating integration of and differentiation to various disciplines. The mission of our department is contribution to exploration of new engineering through the iteration of integration and differentiation based on the most advanced education and researches.

For the undergraduate education and research of the division of Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Science, our department cooperates with the related departments. For the graduates, we started PBL (Project Based Learning) course for practical solutions with industrial people in our curriculum earlier than any other department in Japan aiming at fostering talents for detecting the problems and proposing the practical solutions by themselves as well as applicability and global perspective.

The departmet was dislolved and the laboratories in the deparment were incorporated into new divisions 31th March 2020.

The web site written in Japanese is available for references of detailed information.

administration staff, Department of Adaptive Machine Systems, Osaka University