Our department has only one Pioneering Integrated Engineering course which consists of 10 laboratories. The course cooperates with 2 cooperative laboratories. These 12 laboratories engages in the education of graduate students and researches.

Pioneering Integrated Engineering course Emergent Robotics Lab
Promotion of humanoid sciences which aims to understand human cognitive development by means of a synthetic approach of constructing cognitive functions for humanoid robots.
PI: Prof. Minoru Asada
Microdynamics Lab
Establishment of computational theory and methodology of multiscale dynamics for microscopic open systems, which incorporates surrounding environmental effects to isolated systems.
PI: Prof. Akihiro Nakatani
Intelligent Actuators and Sensors Lab
Developments of new electromagnetic actuators, sensors, and control system applied to mechatronics apparatus, and studies of advanced numerical methods for multi-physics problems.
PI: Prof. Katsuhiro Hirata
Advanced Functional Materials Lab
Creation of new functional materials by materials design and materials Science for micro and nano structures.
PI: Prof. Yoritoshi Minamino
Motor Intelligence Lab
Researches toward human intelligence through the bidirectional study of human motion and humanoid robots with a background of mechano-informatics.
PI: Assoc. prof. Tomomichi Sugihara
Nonlinear discrete dynamics Lab
Researches of the highly nonlinear phenomena in discrete systems.
PI: Assoc. prof. Yusuke Doi
Symbiotic Media Lab
Clarification of the designs of avatars and robots that can transmit human social presence to remote sites using virtual reality technologies and psychological experiments.
PI: Assoc. prof. Hideyuki Nakanishi
Creation of Highly-functional Structural Materials Lab
Investigation of multi-functional structural materials with many superior properties such as lightweight, high heat resistance, high strength, high corrosion resistance, biocompatibility, etc.
PI: Assoc. prof. Koji Hagihara
Thermal Electromagnetic Fluid Analysis Lab
Design of new devices and development of manufacturing processes through the analysis of behavior of fluid that interacting with external environments such as themal and electromagnetic fields.
PI: Assoc. prof. Fumikazu Miyasaka
Computational Materials Designing and Creation Lab
Structuring new schemes for materials designing beyond conventional theories for materials, based on deeper understanding of mechanisms behind their properties, by various computational approaches.
PI: Assoc. prof. Masato Yoshiya
Cooperative laboratories Environmentally Conscious Electronics Packaging Lab
Developments of metallic inks, flexible substrates and novel packaging technologies for the printed electronic devices.
PI: Prof. Katsuaki Suganuma

The department also organically cooperates with the following 5 cooperative laboratories for educational activities and researches.

Cooperative laboratories Intelligent Robotics Lab
Researches of the relations among human, humanoid robots and the human society, particularly focusing on the social applications of robots.
PI: Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro
Adaptive Robotics Lab
Experimental studies of robotic systems which display intelligent behaviors through the interaction between the body and the environment.
PI: Prof. Ko Hosoda
Philosophy of Science Lab
Philosophy of science, Philosophy of language, Social ontology, Philosophy of time, Philosophy of mind, Research on coevolution between technologies and human being.
PI: Prof. Yasuo Nakayama
Applied Visual Science Lab

PI: Prof. Hisashi Fujikado
Dynamic Brain Network Lab
Starting from a certain brain function, we clarify the brain network and the working principle of the network that achieves the goal of the function.
PI: Prof. Shigeru Kitazawa